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【Sufa Lighting Engineering Group】What qualifications are required for street lamp installation and construction projects?

The full name of the qualification for the street lamp installation and construction works is the Professional Contractor Qualification for City and Road Illumination Works, which is classified into 3 levels, namely Level I, II and III. For any enterprise that intends to apply for this qualification, it has to start with the lowest level. Then what qualifications are required for a company to undertake a street lamp installation and construction project? 
1. Registered capital over RMB 2,000,000; 
2. No less than 8 engineering, technical and business management professional with proper titles; 
3. At least 1 qualified person with Level II or above National Constructor Certificate; 
4. Have facilities and equipment as well as testing equipment required to execute the work. 
5. The qualification required dual approval from the Construction Committee and the Industrial Administration Office of the State Grid 
For privately invested projects or projects not funded by the state-owned capitals, in terms of the independent bidding strategy, it is allowed to decide at its own discretion on whether to contracting out the work or not, in order toreduce the market barriers. 
1. Having qualifications is the prerequisite for a company to secure business in the construction market, otherwise, the company is not allowed to do so. Therefore, the company must have the Qualification for City and Road Illumination Works. 
2. Mechanical and Electrical Installation undertakes the installation of equipment, lines, and pipelines for general industrial and public and civil construction projects, as well as the fabrication and installation of non-standard steel components. 
Sufa Lighting Engineering Group Co., Ltd. has been primarily focused on the street lamp industry for 30 years, it is an time-enduring enterprise engaged in lighting industry in China. The Group covers an area of 116,000 square meters, with a covered area of 86,000 square meters, and a total registered capital of RMB 190 million, and the group owns more than 100 sets of various types of production and manufacturing equipment, and inspection and testing instruments. The Group is primarily engaged in the road illumination businesses, such as courtyard lamps, LED street lamps, solar street lamps, high-pole lamps, communication towers, landscape lamps, garden lamps, and lighting projects, such as bridge lighting, and building lighting, etc.