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Five technical patent features of solar street lamps
The design is novel, the structure is clever, full of modern atmosphere, in line with the trend of the times. In the heat dissipation, we creatively adopted the air convection cavity type aluminum radiator design scheme.
Application of solar street lamps in rural reconstruction
At present, the gap between urban and rural areas in China is decreasing, and many new rural lighting roads are now using new lighting products.
Application of solar street lamp in scenic spots
The use of solar energy is very common in China. Many localities are using solar energy equipment. In the solar street light installation, there is still a question to be considered, that is, it cannot be covered in foreign objects (such as trees covering or other objects). Otherwise, the heat absorbed by the battery will appear to be limited, so that the solar energy that is not satisfied can be stored, so that the unpowered electric energy of the street lamp is available, and finally the street lamp is affected.
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