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Price of a set of solar street lamps?
Different configurations, the price is different! The power of the lamp head, the height of the pole, the required lighting time and the rainy day, the power of the panel and the capacity of the battery are the main factors determining the price.
How long will solar street lamps last?
The installation cost and product cost of solar street lamps will be relatively high.
[Sufa Lighting Engineering Group] detailed explanation of the LED industrial chain
LED, an abbreviation for Light Emitting Diode, translated as the light emitting diode in Chinese, is a semiconductor device that converts electrical energy into light energy. The core of the LED is a chip composed of p-type semiconductor and n-type semiconductor, and there is a p-n between p-type semiconductor and n-type semiconductor.
【Sufa Lighting Engineering Group】What qualifications are required for street lamp installation and construction projects?
The full name of the qualification for the street lamp installation and construction works is the Professional Contractor Qualification for City and Road Illumination Works, which is classified into 3 levels, namely Level I, II and III.
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