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Price of a set of solar street lamps?

Different configurations, the price is different! The power of the lamp head, the height of the pole, the required lighting time and the rainy day, the power of the panel and the capacity of the battery are the main factors determining the price.
Solar street lights are commonly used in the new rural and residential roads on the general 15w, the price is indeed around 2500, lighting 6 to 8 hours a day, continuous 3 to 4 days of rainy day lighting sustainable lighting, 60w lights are mainly used In the branch road and park factory area, the daily lighting is also 6 to 8 hours, continuous lighting for 3 to 4 days of rainy days. Spectroelectronics technology solar street lamp manufacturers can design and design according to functional requirements, and tailor-made solar lighting products with reasonable configuration and excellent cost performance.
Solar street light reference configuration
Light height: 5-12 meters
Material: steel pipe + anti-corrosion treatment + hot-dip galvanizing + spray
Solar modules: high efficiency single crystal silicon / polysilicon / thin film panels
Power: 60-300W
Service life: 25 years
Light source: super bright high power LED / low pressure sodium lamp / LVD induction lamp
Power: DC12V/24V, 15W-100W
Service life: 100,000 hours
Battery: maintenance-free lead-acid battery / buried colloid sealed battery
Capacity: DC12V 60 Ah-500Ah
Service life: 5-8 years
Control system: microcomputer intelligent control, anti-overcharge, over discharge, moisture proof, output short circuit protection and light control + time control automatically turn on and off
Use environment: -30 ° C -60 ° C
Lighting time: 8-12 hours of lighting per day, continuous lighting 5-15 rainy days.
The solar street light is composed of the main parts such as the battery board, the lamp head, the light pole, the battery and the controller. The quality of the parts, the size of the battery board and the size of the battery are the main factors affecting the price of the solar street light. Therefore, the price is not fixed. Need to be based on the specific configuration, commonly used is generally around 1000-6000.
The cost-effective solar street light is still recommended to Spectral Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. to customize one-on-one according to your situation. The price is relatively favorable under the same quality.
The price of solar street lights must first know which systems are composed of solar street lights?
Solar street lights consist of the following components: solar panels, solar controllers, battery packs, light sources, poles and brackets. How high a solar street light is needed, how much power is needed, and it takes a few days to rain. With these general requirements, we have to quote.