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Five technical patent features of solar street lamps

1. Aluminum radiator and product structure design
The design is novel, the structure is clever, full of modern atmosphere, in line with the trend of the times. In the heat dissipation, we creatively adopted the air convection cavity type aluminum radiator design scheme. The radiator has two layers of heat dissipation surfaces, and the middle is connected by eight vertical reinforcements. It is transparent before and after, and there are air convection holes on the left and right sides, which enhances the air circulation inside the cavity, which is beneficial to the heat discharge, thereby effectively improving the heat conduction efficiency of the LED light source. The above unique thermal design ensures a safe operating temperature of high power LED sources below 45 °C.
Second, the design of metal bolt type high power LED light source
Independently developed and designed a metal bolt-type high-power LED light source. In order to improve the stability of the product, we have adopted a high-quality LED light-emitting chip patented by the United States imported LED street lamp. The LED light-emitting chip is directly packaged on the top of the nut of the metal bolt. When assembling the product, the LED metal bolt is directly screwed to the aluminum. On the heat sink, the LED and the heat sink are effectively integrated into one body, which changes the current status of the traditional high-power LED light source by means of the thermal conductive silica gel, and greatly improves the heat conduction efficiency between the LED and the aluminum heat sink. Effectively ensure that the LED light source has a service life of more than 60,000 hours. At the same time, Taiwan's high-quality phosphor is used to make the brightness of a single LED reach 80 lumens or more; and there are multiple color temperatures to choose from, which can meet the different color temperature requirements of different occasions.
Third, the design of secondary optical system and light distribution curve
A unique secondary optical lens module and a "band spot" light extraction design. The length of the spot is determined by the angle of the LED light, so that the light distribution is reasonably controlled, the waste of the light is avoided, the light loss is reduced, and the band-like spots between the light poles are connected to each other, so as to meet the national standard. Various brightness indicators. Eliminates LED glare and protects LED light sources while ensuring ideal road illumination and uniformity.
Fourth, the optimization design of the drive circuit
DC 9V—30V or mains AC 84V—264V wide voltage input drive circuit design. Accurate constant current output enables each high-power LED light source to operate at a constant rated current, with low line loss and aging coefficient, and electrical conversion efficiency ≥85%. The precise constant current output ensures the service life of the LED light source.
Fifth, the modular design of LED light source
The light source adopts a modular design scheme to achieve the best match between ground illumination and power. By increasing or decreasing the number of light sources, it can meet different road width and illumination requirements, and achieve the purpose of satisfying the lighting requirements of the city without wasting power.