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Application of solar street lamps in rural reconstruction

At present, the gap between urban and rural areas in China is decreasing, and many new rural lighting roads are now using new lighting products. With the continuous development of solar energy technology and the increasing use of solar energy, solar street lamp technology is becoming more and more diversified, and more and more are accepted by the vast market. Compared with traditional lighting, it has more advantages in energy saving than traditional street lamps. In the face of comprehensive promotion of cleaning capacity in the country, the use of low-carbon environmentally-friendly and energy-saving lamps will become the first choice for rural road lighting.




Reducing energy consumption and reducing lighting expenses have always been a problem that has plagued the development of rural road lighting. In order to reduce lighting costs and achieve low-carbon lighting, replace and install new solar street lights, which saves 50% of electricity compared with traditional lamps, and has higher brightness, no ultraviolet rays, 30% reduction in heat dissipation, and millions of electricity savings per year. Solar street lighting projects bring more than just energy-saving lighting to the countryside, but also to the cost of lighting. At the same time, more and more solar street lights are now matched, making replacement costs lower.
In the construction of rural roads, solar street lamps rely on technological advantages to convert solar panels into electrical energy for use in lighting, breaking the limitations of traditional street lamps using utility power, realizing self-sufficient lighting in rural areas, and solving rural power consumption. Many, high electricity costs trouble. In the rural solar street light configuration, the system configuration scheme of LED light source, solar panel, battery, controller and light pole is inseparable, and the lighting time and rainy weather must be determined in the control of rural solar street light system. Generally, the rural solar street lamp configuration scheme is as follows: the LED illumination source with a power of 15W-30W can meet the lighting requirements, and can be deployed according to needs.
Since the rural areas have been integrated into urban and rural areas, the appearance of the village has been greatly improved, and the quality of life of the people has also been significantly improved. Solar street lights are the latest models, with a beautiful appearance, simple installation, energy saving, environmental protection and low carbon. Its energy consumption is mainly from solar energy. As long as it is charged under the sun during the day, it will be automatically converted into energy consumption for power supply at night.
With the continuous transformation of rural road projects, the installation of solar street lights has brought new energy sources to the countryside, and it has also enabled energy-saving lighting in rural areas. Relying on solar power to reduce road lighting costs, solar LED street lighting renovation projects make rural energy-saving lighting not a problem, reducing energy consumption makes rural road lighting more energy-efficient, low energy consumption and high efficiency make people travel more convenient!