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Application of solar street lamp in scenic spots

The use of solar energy is very common in China. Many localities are using solar energy equipment. In the solar street light installation, there is still a question to be considered, that is, it cannot be covered in foreign objects (such as trees covering or other objects). Otherwise, the heat absorbed by the battery will appear to be limited, so that the solar energy that is not satisfied can be stored, so that the unpowered electric energy of the street lamp is available, and finally the street lamp is affected.




Many tourist attractions in China can be played not only in the daytime, but also in the night. Then the street lamp is definitely indispensable. Many tourist spots with good scenery will be built on the mountain far from the urban area. Therefore, it is convenient to use power supply lighting. How can the street lamp work like the urban street lamp? The solar street light itself can be charged by solar energy in the daytime, and the electric energy is separately released for lighting work in the dark. Therefore, in the suburbs or mountains and other places where electricity is not convenient, solar street lights are the best street light companions!
Second, solar street lights are environmentally friendly and green.
After installing solar street lights in the scenic area, there will be no scenes of pollutants in the air, so it will not cause any pollution to the scenic environment. Many important reasons for many scenic spots to attract tourists are that their natural and beautiful environment is green and healthy. Therefore, the natural scenery area is so suitable for environmentally friendly green solar street lights.
In addition, the scenic area is very wide, and the handling staff is not as much as the urban area. If the street lamp itself has dangers such as electric leakage or fire, it will inevitably form a potential threat to the tourist's tourism, and the general street lamp presents this. Class questions are always available. Therefore, the solar street light is more suitable in the scenic area, basically does not affect the safety of tourists, and will not cause greater losses to the scenic spot.
Finally, solar street lights can cut costs for users.
The scenery area can introduce solar street lights whether the electricity capital is insufficient or the power is sufficient. This can make the handling of the scenic area more simple, thus reducing the cost of processing. Together, we have fully utilized solar energy to prevent more unnecessary electricity consumption, thus reducing the cost of operating all the scenic spots. We can also think that environmental protection should do its due diligence!