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Combination light-SFZH-012


◆ Sufa lighting is the lighting industry is one of the few to have their own professional lighting design team of the company, 
can undertake the design and function of various places or decorative lighting solutions, is the cultural lighting art lighting
pioneer executive advocate. Can customize a variety of landscape, gardens, roads, lawns, and combination of city lighting 
design. Focus on the functional and artistic combination of lighting and landscaping reasonably.
◆ Combination in large area lighting lamp lighting series is the most widely used a form of light source configuration, mainly 
is suitable for the large-scale cultural leisure square, the main road intersection, parking lot, stadium and other places of 
large area lighting, functional lighting products. The main shaft is made of high qualified steel plate making, concentrated light 
source, lighting effects, special is the product of functional organic combination of lighting and landscape lighting.

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