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Second Ring Rapid System Lighting Landscape Lighting Improvement and Renovation Project (Shihuguan-Mingbo Flyover Section)

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The South Second Ring Lighting Landscape Lighting Project starts from the Shihuguan Overpass in the east and west to the west side of the Mingbo Overpass. The project is dominated by functional lighting to increase landscape lighting. Taking into account the practicality of the facility, the main lighting of the South Second Ring Road is switched at the same time as the urban lighting. The landscape lighting will choose the weekend, major festivals, exhibitions and other time nodes to light up and add a festive atmosphere.
The project effectively improved the overall image of the South Second Ring Rapid System, not only rational use of new technologies, new materials, new processes, but also the full use of modern communication technology and remote control methods. For example, in terms of lighting function, the project combined with the observatory's twilight timetable can automatically control the lighting system. In terms of landscape, the RGBW wash wall is used, which can be freely coordinated with the environment, so that the color, frequency and intensity of the light are properly arranged.
The theme of the project is “Flower Blossoming Spring City Night, World Ming Dynasty Color Yunnan”, which designed the colorful lighting effects and the “one bridge and one scene” main light lighting design, which not only illuminates the South Second Ring Road, but also increases the Kunming night scene. A beautiful landscape.
During the construction of the project, the construction unit, the design unit, and the supervision unit cooperated with each other and cooperated closely to make a contribution to the smooth completion of the project! The actual effect of the project construction has reached or even exceeded the design requirements, and has been widely recognized and praised by the public, and has achieved good social and economic benefits.
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